Tales From The Road: Volume 3

After the beauty and lush forests of the southwest coast, it was time to put some serious kilometres on the vehicle and start heading east towards the Nullarbor and South Australia.



The fuel prices in an area this remote were quite horrific.


I only had my learner’s permit, and hadn’t been behind the wheel of a car for 18 months, so it seemed like a good time to practice.


There was nothing to see except the Australian bush, and the sparse roadhouses.




Fortunately our long drive was broken up by the most unexpected requests. As we stopped to fuel up, we were asked what direction we were going – East. Then we were asked to take a package, and deliver it to a man along the way, maybe an hour or two ahead of us. He would be in a horse drawn cart, we couldn’t miss him.

Sometimes, when you think the day ahead of you is going to be a drag, you’ll find something to make it unforgettable.


This lovely gentleman is Ian Rettallack, planning to go all the way around Australia with his two horses and dog to raise money for the Cancer Council. He was planning on giving up three years to this venture, stopping in at the towns he passed and spreading his message. “Rattles” is a remarkable man. And his dog Russ was pretty cute too.


Unfortunately, his journey has since had to come to an end. But do check out his story:  here

Eventually, we did make it out of the state and into South Australia.


We stopped off along the Great Australian Bight, to see more of where Antarctica snapped off and headed south. It was windy and breathtaking.






While searching for a place to camp for the night, we came across a sign for Mt. Wudinna. It is a monolith, so in the similar idea of Uluru, just much smaller, and climbing is encouraged.








It was exciting to finally make it into a city again when we arrived in Adelaide. After spending so much time in rural Western Australia, this felt like a new world.


Being a car full of animal lovers, we made a point to head to the zoo.

IMG_4549 (2)

IMG_4553 (2)




When I was little, the first pet I ever wanted was a tiger, they’ve been my favourites ever since. To have one look me in the eye was something I’ll never forget. I was pretty happy for the sheet of glass between us and this powerful cat.



After a few restful days in Adelaide, we moved onto the Barossa Valley. Having spent my college years living in the Niagara region at home (one of Canada’s only wine-producing areas), I was pretty excited. Barossa did not disappoint.

There are few photos from this day, because we spent most of it drinking wine.



I did fall off my rented bicycle. Three times. There were some factors that led to this:

  1. The only bike left for me to rent was built for someone roughly 3 feet taller than me. My toes barely scraped the ground.
  2. I had not been on a bicycle since  was about 17, my skills were a bit rusty.
  3. We had been to two wineries and sampled everything on the list.

I wish we had more time to spend in the region, one day I will head back and check out the rest – probably from a bus and not from a bike.



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  1. What a shame that Ian’s journey has ended! But an amazing story, and a very fascinating sounding guy. How long did u spend with him? And were there any other highlights on the road? Gorgeous pictures ladies


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